The leopard is among the fastest animals in the cat family, much like the Greyhound in the Dog family.They are known for their gold spotted fur with dark spots.The leopard is closely related to the lion,jaguar and the cheetah,and is a carnivore.Although leopards are not picky eaters,they are known for their agility and they prey on animals that come their path.They can easily adapt to any habitat and can live in rain forests ,deserts,woodlands,grassland savannas and also mountains.This article is going to describe 10 interesting facts about leopards.

The first interesting fact about leopards is their special ability to adapt to any habitat.As long as it can provide food and shelter the leopard can adapt.A breed of the leopard known as the snow leopard is found in the Himalayan mountains.This means they can survive in both warm and cold climates.In their native habitat,they prefer rocky landscapes and forested areas.Secondly,the leopards are amazing tree climbers.A leopard can climb as high as fifty feet up a tree with its latest kill in the mouth .They do that mostly to avoid other predators such as lions and hyenas cannot snatch it.The leopards also use tree climbing as a means of saving their lives.They also have an amazing ability to descend trees fast head first.The other interesting fact about the leopards is that they are solitary animals and prefer to entirely live alone and go out of their to avoid meeting one another.They create territories which one can manage,male leopards have a greater one than the females.They mark the territories using urine or claw marks on trees.This helps them notice when another leopard is close to avoid unexpected meetings that would lead to a fight.

The other interesting factor about the leopard is that it can feed on anything no matter the size.Their vision and hearing makes them the ultimate hunters.When hungry the leopard is known to hunt down any prey including the giraffe.Another amazing fact about the leopard is the ability to communicate with each other.Leopards use ,roaring,hissing ,growling or moaning to recognize the distance between each other.The other fact is that leopards can grow into various sizes depending on their environment.The biggest leopard weighs close to ninety one kilograms with the least at thirty.Snow leopards have huge nostrils that help them breathe in the thin air.In addition leopards are known to live half as long in the while compared to when they are in captivity.They have a prolonged lifespan while living in the wild and therefore capturing them reduces their lifespan.The other fact about the leopard is that it a packs it’s power into a small body.Despite being the smallest in the cat family they can prey on other large animals.They have muscular necks and hind legs that are perfect for speed while hunting,it can take down an animals twelve times its size..Finally,it is interesting to note that leopards only spend their time together to mate.The females are ready to bear cubs after three years and this is the only time they meet the males for mating,otherwise they prefer living and hunting alone.

The leopard is the most interesting animal in the cat family.The 10 interesting facts about leopards listed above absolutely show this.